American director Woody Allen has ended his career after filming his last film. It is reported by Reuters.

The cinematographer suggested that he would soon stop making new pictures. He said that he will go to Paris in the autumn to take up a new project, and then, perhaps, he will end his career.

“The thrill is gone. Before, when I made a film, it was in theaters all over the country. Now you make a movie, get a couple or maybe four to six weeks in theaters and then go straight to streaming. I don’t like it,” Allen said.

In February, it was reported that Allen’s latest film had the worst opening box office in the US amid allegations of violence that had been leveled against the director. The film “Rifkin Festival” showed the worst start in the entire career of a cinematographer. It became Allen’s 49th work and was shown in only 26 theaters. The film grossed $24,000 in its first two days of release.

The previous picture of the director “Wheel of Wonders” was released in 2017. In three days, she collected about 125 thousand dollars.

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