Fishing companies are faced with massive refusals of foreign ports to repair Russian ships, writes RBC.

In recent years, more than two-thirds of the large and medium-sized fleet has undergone scheduled and unscheduled repairs, as well as modernization at shipyards abroad, said German Zverev, president of the All-Russian Association of Fisheries.

This applies to 400 of the most modern and efficient ships, domestic enterprises do not have the technical ability to repair them, and foreign enterprises have begun to massively refuse to do so. Russian fishermen who fish in the Northern Basin, including the Barents Sea, faced refusals to service vessels, said Sergei Sennikov, deputy director of the Norebo group. The Northern Fleet was served in European countries. For example, those who fish in the Northeast Atlantic did repairs in Poland.

Now, foreign companies are reluctant to service and repair Russian ships, “based on their ideas of political justice,” Sennikov explains. In the Far East, ship repairs also took place in foreign ports, mainly in South Korea and China. There, Russia is facing failures due to the pandemic, said Dobroflot CEO Alexander Yefremov.

Earlier it became known that container traffic from Russia and to Russia through the port of Rotterdam, the largest in Europe, was completely stopped.

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