American investment bank Goldman Sachs predicted zero growth for the leading representatives of the Chinese economy, publishing a forecast for the national stock index MSCI. Excerpts from it leads CNBC.

According to the authors’ calculations, by the end of 2022, the profit of the leading Chinese companies included in the index will show zero growth – against four percent, according to previous versions of the forecasts.

Економіці Китаю передбачили застій

In turn, the MSCI China index itself by July next year will reach the level of 81 points instead of the previously predicted 84 points. Since the beginning of July, the index has fallen by six percent and is currently at 68.81 points.

The decline in forecast indicators is primarily due to the real estate crisis in China. Many equity holders in different provinces of the country simultaneously refused mortgage payments due to too slow construction of residential buildings in which they purchased apartments.

This is due to the lack of working capital faced by developers. Disruptions in payments are hurting banks and holders of their mortgage-backed bonds, including large corporations and funds.

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